Today we’re celebrating the success of our social media client, Women’s Vanlife Collective, following the announcement that they have been selected to participate in the Facebook Community Accelerator Program 2021!

Women’s Vanlife Collective was selected from over 131,000 communities worldwide and secured one of only ten places in the UK cohort. We’ve worked with Women’s Vanlife Collective since our inception, so it’s really exciting for us to be able to share in their success. We love working with our clients and helping them to shine and thrive online as they build growing communities that create impact for their members across the globe.

We manage the strategy, growth and engagement of the Women’s Vanlife Collective Community on Facebook and act as their global brand partnerships manager for 2021 and continuing into 2022. It’s been a busy and exciting time to watch their brand and community grow organically at pace, from a fledgling Facebook group to a highly engaged 45,000-member community today. We look forward to seeing what’s next for them in 2022.

You can read their announcement for more details on the Facebook Community Accelerator here.

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