What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the practice of creating and sharing relevant and valuable content with your target audience. It is also known as inbound marketing. This is because it focuses on drawing customers to your website or chosen platform, rather than targeting prospective customers with advertising or paid content.

It’s become more popular in recent years and is used by many businesses and brands to promote and engage with their audiences, while also increasing brand awareness.

It has the potential to achieve the following main benefits for businesses:

Generate more sales by providing content tailored to your target audience. You can create content including articles, videos, infographics and podcasts. This educates your audience and builds customer trust by being seen as a content authority in your industry.

It’s valuable for businesses for a number of reasons:

By creating content that people want to consume, you establish yourself as a content authority figure in your field. This ultimately increases the chance of being noticed by potential customers. You use this approach to address pain points and challenges, build trust with customers and ultimately increase sales.

Content marketing helps you develop a content experience that encourages customer engagement and targeted sharing across social media networks.

The value content marketing can provide for businesses is why so many companies are turning to content creation as a means of generating leads and increasing their online presence.

Do you want to create more content for your audience? When we work together, we create engaging content for your business so that you stay visible online. We work with you to create on-brand content including blog posts, articles, presentations, and newsletters. We’ll use your tone of voice and brand guidelines to create consistently engaging content so that you can confidently share it across your platforms.

If you would like to explore how we can work together to help you share valuable content with your audience, click here to book a complimentary 20-minute consultation call at a time that suits you.

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