Are you considering working with a copywriter to help your brand shine and thrive online? Here we explain why working with a copywriter helps your business gain more exposure and generate more leads online. 

10 Reasons to Work with a Copywriter

1)  Be an expert. A good copywriter can write SEO optimised content so that you can clearly convey you’re an expert in your industry.

2)  Capture the benefits of well-written content. Your blog posts, articles, whitepapers can all benefit from a talented writer who can simplify complex information that will capture readers.

3)  Generate qualified leads. Good copywriters work with clients to develop compelling headlines, calls to action, and offers, so you attract the most possible prospects for conversion into sales.

4)  Provide web content. Copywriters can write enticing content for your web pages to improve search engine optimization (SEO) so that you capture more qualified leads.

5)  Generate quick-win conversions. With a writer’s help, you gain faster results from landing pages and other content in your marketing campaigns.

6)  Attract more attention to news announcements. If you’re bringing news to your market, engage the services of a writer who can craft news releases so that you gain greater exposure.

7)  Increase response rates on direct mail efforts. The wordsmithing of a copywriter can help boost the response rate from your marketing efforts.

8)  Assist with white papers and special reports. So that you expand the reach of a new product or service, a copywriter can present information in an original way that will capture more attention from prospects.

9)  Expand your company’s web presence. Your business may have a website, but are you outreaching to the blogosphere? A copywriter can help extend your presence into new web channels for more conversions.

10)  Offer media relations and PR assistance. Whether it’s pitching journalists or securing media interviews, a copywriter can offer assistance by producing press releases that tell your story in a compelling and relatable way.

Why it Matters

Developing copy that sticks in the mind of your customers is an art form but one that expert copywriters are closely attuned to. With years of experience, our copywriters have become masters of their craft. They know just how to grab the attention of potential customers with compelling content.

In order to do this, we work with you collaboratively. From reviewing the tone of voice you’re looking for to offering suggestions on how your existing copy can be improved. We find the right words to perfectly reflect your brand.

Copywriters are experts at writing copy that does all this and more so you can rest assured that they will provide copy that is not only compelling but also on brand.

Our Copywriting Services

Our job is to create content that speaks the language of your brand and talks directly to the heart of your customers. Working with a copywriter will transform your marketing efforts. This takes your brand from bland to brilliant, using your tone of voice for instant brand recognition.

Packages range depending on your requirements and can include blog content, articles, website copy, copy for emails, and social media content.

We offer single copywriting sessions for occasions when you have ad hoc requirements. You can book those here. If you have ongoing copywriting requirements please book a complimentary call to discuss our premium value packages here.

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