Are you trying to decide between working with a social media or digital marketing consultancy or going it alone with a DIY approach to online marketing in your business? Here’s 7 reasons why it makes sense to outsource to an expert.

1. A good consultancy will be made up of a team of experienced digital and social media marketing professionals. Their team will have practical experience in delivering targeted campaigns for businesses like yours and understand what works well and what to avoid, to give you the best return on your investment.

2. A single consultancy fee can provide you with a team asset. It takes a lot of time and skills to create effective campaigns and each person working on your campaign has their own specialities and you are able to tap into each person’s expertise to gain immediate access to their skills and industry experience.

3. You hit the ground running. It could take you years to develop your social media and marketing skills, which not only takes your focus away from actually running your business, but it also means that you’re way behind your competitors who are already outsourcing their marketing and reaping the rewards.

4. Outsourcing saves on office space. You don’t need to have a fancy office or invest in new equipment and office furniture to house an additional team member. You have the ability and resources available right from the outset when you work with a consultancy and the logistical liability of housing a team of consultants sits directly with them.

5. It minimises your level of commitment. You have the autonomy to engage a consultancy on a short-term or periodic basis at peak or specific times during your business calendar. You pay for the marketing expertise when you need it and when it suits the demands of your business and when you don’t use their services you don’t have any financial outlay. We understand your business needs fluctuate and the level of marketing support your business needs will vary throughout the year.

6. Your business benefits from the best tech and software available on the market. A market-leading consultancy invests in market-leading software and tools to ensure that your audience sees your content at the optimum time and can be retargeted accordingly. This includes scheduling tools, analytics, email marketing and SEO optimisation, to name a few.

7. Creating consistency for your brand. Your brand becomes more recognisable with the use of a consistent tone of voice, unique, striking images, and other supporting online assets that keep your content front of mind for your ideal audience, which means that you’ll be their go-to business when they need to tap into your area of expertise.

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